Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saturday's Meeting

Our last Saturday meeting was a small group of 10 only but the response and energy was much higher than our earlier Wednesday meeting with close to 40 people! Emotions were running high and the atmosphere was filled with much love which bonded our friendship with each other closer. Want to know what happened? Read on……
We had 3 new guests and Joyce Hue, ACS of D’Utama Advanced Utama Club with us.
The balance 5 (excluding me) were a new member and 4 members/ex-members that I have not seen for more than 3 months!!
Kudos to both Aaron and Suresh for attending the meeting and delivering their speeches despite their hectic audit peak period.
They had sacrificed their precious sleeping hours to honor their commitment and didn’t pull out from the meeting.
Not only did they deliver their speeches, they also took up Ah Counter & Timer’s roles without having to request.
That alone is something to be regarded highly for and a demonstration of Toastmasters’ team spiritJ

Suresh was filled with anger and sadness when he unfolded his past 1 month’s audit life with us in his project speech #5 – Your Body speaks with the title “Chapter 1” – as in chapter 1 of year 2011 (I guess). He was able to arouse our emotion and had all the audience sympathized with him. I agree with his evaluator, Grace Lee (CC), that we definitely felt Suresh’s pain and tiredness. Grace Lee even proposed that Suresh sought hypnotherapy treatment from Joyce, a hypnotherapy consultant by profession after the meeting. Ha ha ha, with that, I managed to hold back my tears and refrain from throwing him a sisterly hug after he completed his pitiful speech. Thank God for Joyce & Grace Lee for injecting the humor to try easing Suresh’s sorrow. 

Aaron’s graduating speech with the title “Welcome To The Club” (Project speech #10) reminded us of his ups and downs in his Toastmasters’ journey for the past 1 ½ years. His spirit was dashed to the ground when he received a demoralizing / crude evaluation from an inconsiderate/unskilled guest evaluator. He also recapped and shared how he was comforted by our very own Joanita (CC)’s motherly, loving & encouraging evaluation when he finally picked up his crashed spirit to deliver another speech after few months. He was lifted up to cloud 9 when he was crown champ in humorous speech contest. He even shot to fame in KPMG when partners(bosses) recognized him along the walkway, chatted with him at his workstation and fans (KPMG girls) harassing him for pictures (in his superman outfit) etc.. while other colleagues were envious, some puzzled. He shared a lot and told us that Toastmasters’ journey is like achieving Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that as one progress in his/her Toastmasters’ journey learning to hone his/her communication and leadership skills, he/she not only gain higher self esteem and confidence level, he/she is also embarking in his/her journey for self-actualization. It was a very good introduction and summary for us esp. guests and new members to know more about what a loving club and members we have in KPMG KL TMC. With that, he has inspired 2 guests to enquire more about membership procedure and terms and conditions after the meeting.

Ivo, our one and only beloved foreigner member (now, ex-member) had a wonderful time counting the most used words ever i.e. NEW / NEWNESS during the meeting and added much fun, joy and laugher to the meeting.

Contributed by Grace Loh, KPMG KL Toastmasters Club

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